5 highest paid jobs and degrees

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The methodology is false, but it should be noted that these figures do not constitute bonuses or other benefits. Instead, they refer to each job

We have also chosen a few degrees that could help them enter these professions. Of course, don't expect the first day to go straight to the top of the salary, but if you want to do it there one day, these career decisions might be for you

5 of the highest paid jobs in the UK

Managers and senior officials

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In the UK, the lead managers may also be known as Managing Directors or Directors, as well as the most senior individuals in the organization

You will be pleased to hear that there is no provision for senior managers to have any formal qualifications, and in particular some of the world's most prominent leaders

If you do not follow in their footsteps and start your own company, you will find that most organizations require their head to be formed at least until the baccalauer level

Many CEOs have previously served on the board of directors and may also have

Airpilots and flight engineers

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The salaries on an experimental basis vary according to employer, experience and type of aircraft. The minimum qualification required for training as a pilot

Even though it's possible now

The necessary prerequisite is the license for air transport (APL) and the pilots must take certain examinations in order to maintain their licence

Thus, the degree may be useful


All medical practitioners, from doctors to the brain of surgeons, need medical degrees before starting training in the field of specialization

It's supposed to be, at least

Additional training is required for those who seek to become a consultant. The intensity and duration of the training are reflected in the salaries of those who make it at the top of the profession

Be aware that competition for places in medical degrees is fierce. You're not just gonna need it

Doing your research

Marketing and Sales Director

Sales and marketing are a sine qua non for the success of many organizations; no matter how good your product is, if no one knows about it!

But marketing is not limited to the private sector-there is a wide range of roles in the public sector, not for not-for-profit organizations

As a marketing contractor, you could be involved in anything from the promotion of the new product and raising awareness of charity

Like many sectors, marketing is highly competitive and many employers prefer alumni

You can also find a variety of excellent specialized online marketing courses

The air controller

Technically, this salary is applied to "transport associate professionals", but since nobody really knows what that means, we will be one of the main jobs included in this term "Air Controller". Yeah, it looks like aviation is a field that you can get into if you're after some high wages

There's air traffic controllers

The coordination of hundreds (if not thousands) of flying and incoming planes each day does not mean a feat, and, in addition to the five GSZs, you will need

Although it is not necessary to become a controller of air traffic, it is not necessary to become a controller of air traffic, but the very competitive nature of the application process is that it will not hurt to have something extra to stand out of the crowd

Since this role is linked to the solution of problems and a large number of data interpretation and evaluation, a

These careers, as well as brokers, financial advisers, domestic lawyers, IT professionals and many other profitable roles are highly competitive

While the above-mentioned salaries will not be available to graduates of recent years, they should not be discouraged; to some extent, they should still be regarded as investment

Although there may not be a shortcut to career advancement, the appropriate level and experience can help you to gain a foots on the professional ladder

How far have you been, good luck to you!

Data on average earnings are compiled and provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (AES)

The data we used were obtained from the data set 'Earnings and hours wit, sociear by four-digit SOC'. We looked at full gross annual payments and sorted the median according to the ONS recommendation. The Bonuses have not been taken into account