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My sister, the first date, and the guy who was desperate for life all over town

Thank you Touro for the parking lot of this old ragok. If you have no idea what turo is, I promise you will be at the end of this story, and you will

Side note: The names of people in this dating history have been changed since some people seem to have questions with me, detailing their love for the Internet

My sister was 22 years old, and I saw the boy. Something like "seeing someone" where you have mutual friends and you hang out in a big group in the night, sports events and birthday parties

"Joe." Lance Romance didn' t make a choice in the form of a regular coffee or a movie. "

Let' s call this boy Joe, because we're not allowed to call him John. Well, after they ran over each other, Joe finally invited Emily to the official date. Joe doesn't seem to want a typical first date, maybe because he did

Actually, I think it's a super cute idea for a first date. You come out of your regular scene, go somewhere nice to be nice, and you can just jump in to get your energy back if you don't want to zip it

All of this suggests that Joe is so far away from his sweet date

The only problem with the amusals is that they're in the bull'n. And Joe didn' t own the car

I can only imagine that as soon as Emily said yes, Joe thought, "Thank God it's happening," immediately followed "shit, I don't have a car, how the hell am I going to get there?"

Classic romantic chariot. Yeah, ' cause an hour with a half of a renting in a steel tube soaked with strangers who can definitely say that the first date sounds fun

What's worse, if your driver will silently listen to your awkward first convo date, or if he really starts asking you questions? And that's before you multiply the expenses. I just checked, and for a trip to the nearest amusory park in my area, Uber would want me $90

It's probably your best bet. But who wants their parents in their personal lives (or their love life)? There would be endless questions and comments, followed by an inexorable tease, if the younger brother ever found

Car rental? (The only real option)

"Spoiler Alert": Joe bit the bullet and rented a car, but it turns out that renting a car when you're under 25 is a huge pain in the ass. Of course, it worked, and they put it in the amusory park after jumping into a bunch of hoops, but as soon as I heard what Turo was doing, it caught me thinking about this story and how much easier it would have been for Joe

"It turns out that the rental of a car when you're under 25 is a huge pain in the ass."

I asked Joe if he could take the neighbor's car, would he? His answer was "me, and that would be easier than dealing with pain in the ass, renting a car."

Remember, I said I'd tell you what a Turo is gonna give you a chance to win $500?

Joe could use Turo to avoid car rental. Turo is a car sharing market that allows you to book a real person's car. You can select the car that you want and either set the location of the picker or drop it. The Turo application lets you instantly see the available cars in your region and help you avoid massive hidden fees and insurance fees due to your age

Joe was lucky to have worked so well on their first date, you don't have to leave things by accident. Don't be like Joe, use the Turk. Press 'Enter Now' below and get a chance to win $500 for signing *

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