What your master thinks of you is professing the professor, professor

All right, listen. I have a message for Canadian students, and I hear it's a place to read it

I am in the middle of what should be the most disappointing teaching experience in history. Teaching general optional courses for students who clearly do not want to receive them, but for them to complete their education. How was "elective" and "mandatory"? -Shut up. That's not the point

The point is, getting good grades is not as strong as you think. Especially the introduction rates or the overall results

Here are four quick tips you need to burn in your brain from an honest teacher to you

First: Read the Rlabyth to the Rlaber

Education has changed a lot over the last thirty years. And for the better, or for the worse, the rubric began to dominate the sort. I used to read essays, carefully evaluate the quality, provide thoughtful feedback and assign a class

I am now expected to compare your work with a bunch of little boxes that all have vaguely similar phrases, turn off the boxes that objectively evaluate your work, and add estimates of each box

Some columns are brilliant, most are garbage. In any case, for you, it means you're not assessing the overall quality, but how well your assignment is in boxes

Read the boxes. Read them again. Make sure that each phrase in this column "exceeds expectations" appears somewhere in your job. Every time you do something that checks a rubric, it's a lot of audacious attention. I don't think I read your essay, I'm just gonna do some things that I can do in the rubric. Help me help

Second tip: Ctrl + F is obvious

It's a good advice to any professor that you're an idiot. Or if you're not an idiot, you're actually at least in this assignment. Of course, you're going to use Wikipedia. Of course, you are going to use the dictionary (or probably some kind of online dictionary). But if you have an ounce of dignity, don't mention them

At least, follow this Wikipedia

Get a third: Find a foolish friend. Even better, find some

The mark of your assignments is tedious, imploring, and frustrating. Most of what you write is good and bad, I've read it a hundred times. Nine times out of ten, I can scan your task and predict what you'll get if I read every word

Don't judge. You're trying to read a hundred papers

But here's the thing, since you're reading some horrible papers in a row, one, to put it mildly, is like a ray of sunshine. Through the lower part of the garage door, slowly filling up the carbon monoxide, the sun ray, but still the sun

After I read a few bad papers, I'm so grateful that Cs is going to turn into a BB, Becks like, and how to get a free ride to the rest of the course

Find some stupid friends. Tell your mission to land in the heap below them. You'll thank me

Four: What I Dal You In the Past

Remember when I said nine times out of ten, I could rip your paper off?

But it works, too. If I'm gonna give you "A" after a quick skim and look around to see that you have nothing but "C," I'll take the other one

What it means is you have to make an early impression. Put most of the work on your earliest work. Alternatively, if you are not working well, and you are activated in your game, send me an e-mail or show me during working hours to tell me how you are going to be angry and hope that the job pays for the job. So if I'm gonna give you A and see all of these Cs, I'll remember the conversation and the nonconformance will be resolved

Bonus council: Professir are human

It is much more difficult to give bad grades to someone whose name you recognize or someone who looked you in the eye and told you how important it is to them. You got it

But don't irritating it. Okay?


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