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What is the difference in pay between men and women?

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It is important not to confuse the gender pay gap with equal pay

People are often of the opinion that the pay gap between men and women is caused by men and women receiving different money to perform the same job-while this is part of the problem, the gender pay gap is a much more complex issue

What is the difference between gender pay and equal pay?

Pay equity is a legal issue, while the pay gap between men and women is significant

This generally means that the pay gap between men and women is more than men and women paid for the same jobs-factors such as the different types of employment of men and women tend to play a large part

Various factors contribute to this, including the different types of work of men and women, the length of service, the difference between full-time and part-time work, the socio-economic status, the attitude to maternity leave and much more

Is there a UK? The gender pay gap

People have a lot of different opinions about gender pay in the UK, and some argue that it does not exist at all

However, studies show that the pay gap between men and women in the United Kingdom is very frequent, with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reporting:

The gender pay gap for full-time workers is fully in the interests of men in all professions

The official wage gap between men and women amounts to 17.9 per cent, based on the average hourly earnings of all employees, both full-time and part-time

That means, in principle, that

This gap is also much greater if women are also members of a minority or disabled, as will be explained

Why is there a pay gap between men and women?

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There are a number of reasons why there is a pay gap between men and women-it is not only about paying salaries, but also the jobs that women tend to do and their working habits in comparison with men. Here are some of the biggest factors:

According to

Women prefer to work part time for a number of reasons, but one of the main reasons is child care. Which brings us to

Childcare and care

Statistics show that although the gender pay gap exists among young workers, it is much higher for those aged 40 years. This is most likely because women are leaving or reducing their time in the labour force to have children

We all know there are no such things as "girls ' work" and "work with a boy". But some occupations are dominated by a certain gender, and the potential for earnings between sectors may vary

For example, women dominate the care and leisure industry, where they earn less than those who work in leadership or decision-making positions-and these are the roles that men tend to dominate

While these factors explain why there is a wage gap between men and women, they should not be used as a pretext to explain the pay gap between men and women. This is still a problem and needs addressing, but the solution is clearly not as simple as paying men and women the same thing

To address this problem, care must be taken for children, maternity and child care in the workplace, increased accessibility in some industries and much more

How is the pay gap between men and women calculated?

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As you can imagine, finding something as complex as the pay gap between men and women is not quite simple

For example, you might see different numbers depending on whether the average is calculated as the average or average, or whether jobs on a part-time basis are included

The official number is based on

The difference in pay between men and women can be recorded in a couple of different ways, which is why you can see the variation of official figures. This is due to the fact that this is sometimes the average, and sometimes the average, average. So what's the difference?

The median rate is recorded by sorting all female employees from the lowest to the highest paid and the choice of the employee

The average value is written

This method can chew the results, but if there is a small group of people in a very good or poorly paid position

As a result, the median is often considered

Data are given as a percentage of men' s. For example, if the average gender pay gap is 18.4 per cent in British universities, this means that women earn 81.6r (18.4 pounds less than £ 1) for every £ 1

Is there a wage gap between women and men?

Many think that the gender pay gap does not affect them until they become much older. But ours

We've asked 3,300 British students to assess their expectation that their initial salary will be when they leave

Both men and women

Some of the highest pay differentials were typical for those typically dominated by men, such as engineering and computer science. For example, in the area of engineering, women earned on average earnings

Reports also show that Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Black Caribbean female graduates face the most severe pay gaps

Gender differences in pay of men and women

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Gender pay gap

In 2018, all companies with more than 250 employees were in the company

You can search the results of all companies

The results show

Accountability is an important first step in naming and blaming the worst offenders and forcing companies to seek solutions to inequality

I would like to hope that this is new knowledge

However, it remains to be seen whether this will have a direct impact on the reduction of the gender pay gap in these companies

The data must be

What is the difference in pay at your university?

For the first time in history, all British universities have been

In addition, in the tenth list of the most serious offenders, including the best list of offenders,

is the most intruder.Russell's only university, which will appear in this top 10

However, the Universities of Russell Group reported that the average pay gap between men and women was 16.7 per cent, indicating that universities had an intensive study on gender inequality

On the basis of these reports, the average pay gap between men and women in all universities is

The only universities that pay women more than men

Each university reported a higher proportion of women in their lower-paid quartile, but even those universities where more women than men in their upper quartile still have a gender pay gap

Gender pay gap between men and women

What are universities doing about wage differences between men and women?

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Although all universities are required by law to report their gender gaps, comments or clarifications on what they are doing to address this problem are optional

With this in mind, a number of universities made statements on the subject

For the press secretary

More than five of those who are included in our data are paid ambassadors of students who support the university in open days and activities to expand their work experience

Three quarters of this casual labour force is female (reflecting our larger student body) and that this has had a significant impact on our median wage gap between men and women. Without this random working force of ambassadors, our median gap will be 18.6%

Vice Chancellor

The gender pay gap reporting method does not take into account the historical problems of gender balance in certain employment sectors

This is clearly reflected in our figures this year, where the role we play in providing employment in our local economy to a wide range of staff, including many in agricultural roles, must also be taken into account

I wonder if it's not a problem

Duruma University was the worst group of all Russell's groups, and their Vice Chancellor Stuart Corbridge expressed the university's commitment to solving the problem

We recognize that the pay gap between men and women is a serious issue for the University of Durham, as it applies to society in general and to the higher education sector in particular

We are committed to addressing this issue on the basis of our comprehensive plan of action adopted by the Executive Committee of the University and the University Council

It was clear that the Government hoped that by making those data available to the public, the organizations would be invited to take steps to remedy the situation and improve their situation

Some universities have already announced their plans of action, such as the London Business School. LFW has taken measures to increase the number of women holding posts and has set up a "family task force"

However, it remains to be seen what direct action will actually be taken in most cases

How do universities compare with other sectors?

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When it looks

Although the university pay gap is 18.4 per cent on average, the education sector as a whole has a pay gap of 19.5 per cent for the worst offenders in the country

The third is the construction sector (24.8%), finance and insurance (22.1%)

Some sectors with the lowest pay gaps between men and women include: housing and food services (1 per cent), health and social work (1.6 per cent), and administrative and support services (6.7 per cent)

What about other pay gaps?

So remember when we said that black and ethnic/disabled people face even more severe discrimination?

BME employees often receive much less, especially black women and women of colour. It is reported that Pakistani and Bangladeshi women face one of them

BMU and persons with disabilities also face serious underrepresentation in universities. According to the statistics collected by the charity

You don't believe us? Well, yes

In the 2016/17 academic year, there were

According to the data, you provided

  • White women earn 15% less
  • Asian women earned 22% less
  • Black women earned 39% less
  • Unfortunately, the figures relating to the pay gap for persons with disabilities in universities are not sufficient at this time

    What can we get out of this? At the same time, while the registration of pay differentials between men and women was a major initiative, it should be expanded

    How you can help bridge the pay gap

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    The gender pay gap, ethnicity or disability will not disappear overnight. This will allow employers, teachers and the government to unite to create some real changes

    We need better education, awareness and change of attitude to create real equality and justice, but now that thousands of companies are legally obliged to disclose their gender pay gap for the first time, the first steps are taken

    However, we can all do our job to help close those pay gaps. If you or someone you know think that they are affected by an unfair pay gap, always

    Finally, we can all help and support each other in the workplace. While we need governments and employers to take real action to help those around us, where possible, help create more inclusive environments